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Changing Lives,

Four Paws at a Time



Canines for Service (CFS) selects and trains dogs for non veterans with mobility limitations, and for Veterans with mobility limitations, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our Canines for Veterans program has become the primary focus of our organization’s work, constituting over 80 percent of our overall operations. With nearly 4 million of our nation’s Veterans suffering from a service-connected disability, the need to provide solutions and support for these Veterans is tremendous. These men and women have sacrificed so much for our country and we firmly believe they should not have to pay anything to receive something that can truly change, and sometimes even save, their life. The service dog provides them increased independence, safety, and confidence which allows for reintegration into the public and their community.

One hundred percent of the dogs in our program come from shelters or rescues. Using these amazing rescue dogs not only saves the lives of the dogs brought into our program but also opens kennels in the shelters for more homeless animals. These discarded dogs are given love, a second chance in life, and a new purpose. Our heroes are helping other heroes heal. 

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"I'm doing so much more now... he takes the edge off of everything that used to push me over. What’s been the biggest help is having a ‘Battle Buddy’ again... I’m not sure where I’d be today without Dexter and the support of this organization.” - USMC Veteran, Nate


Canines for Service is a nonprofit that exists entirely on grants and corporate/personal donations/gifts. We rescue dogs and train them to be service animals for veterans nationally that have mobility challenges, traumatic brain injuries, and PTSD. We always provide the service dogs at no charge to the recipients. 


Our organization GREATLY appreciates the generosity and involvement of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and people like you. On average 90% of every dollar donated goes directly toward the programs. We would not be able to continue saving lives without the generosity of those that choose to support this organization.   

Thanks to donations like yours, we can continue changing lives four paws at a time!

You can safely and securely donate directly to Canines for Service through their website or their PayPal account below.

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